The future of rewarding holders who invest in tokenomics

The MegaBitcoin Team has every investors contribution as the top priority for growth and stability, powered by bitcoin miners. We created a massive rewards system for our holders to love and enjoy the power of passive income just for holding MBC.

Earn $BTCB (Bitcoin) rewards through $MBC token holding and bitcoin mining!

We are proud to present you with an amazing automatic rewards system that will give holders 11% $BTCB (Binance Bitcoin) in total from their buy & sell transaction combined (5.5%+5.5%).

As mining becomes operational 50% of bitcoin mined will be distributed back to holders. We have created a token with a massive rewards system earning passive income while you sleep.

Contract address:


Earn passive rewards just for holding $MBC!

Rewards are paid out in $BTCB on your wallet if you have accumulated enough to cover the gas fees. You only need to add the $BTCB contract address as a custom token to your wallet.

5.5% of every buy and sell transactions for a total of 11% is distributed back to $MBC holders. Just add $BTCB to your wallet and watch your passive income grow!


Earn even more passive income through green Bitcoin-Mining with solar panels or other green electricity.

50% of the Bitcoin mining rewards will be distributed back to token holders and 50% will into the liquidity of the company to buyback $MBC tokens.

Buybacks assist with increasing your rewards as the company will buy back tokens and you will get 5.5% reflections on buy transactions.


With 11% reflections and the Bitcoin-Mining future you can earn a good amount of passive income per day with Bitcoin.

Many people are saying that Bitcoin price will rise in the future, so if you hold the $BTCB rewards, you can maybe earn more by speculation of Bitcoin price. Also there is no Limit to buy more Bitcoin-Miner for more rewards in you pocket.

As more reflections coming in, we can buy more Bitcoin-Miner to maximize your profits in your pocket.


Team members of MegaBitcoin

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message one of the staff below. You can chat with us on Telegram @CameronSass_WillNeverDMFirst @GarrettJ and @trentenlee

Cameron SassHead of Operations

  • https://www.coinscope.co/coin/mbc/kyc

Hugh V. JarvisChief Executive

  • https://www.coinscope.co/coin/mbc/kyc

Garrett HrabchakMarketing Manager

  • https://www.coinscope.co/coin/mbc/kyc

Trenten LeeDirector of Content

  • https://www.coinscope.co/coin/mbc/kyc

The Tokenomics of MegaBitcoin

This is the first of any token to have a system in place to give YOU, the investors, the most profits possible in tokenomics. MegaBitcoin will be purchasing bitcoin miners and developing nonstop bitcoin to be added to your rewards and our liquidity pool to buyback $MBC tokens

This will not only give investors the best rewards, but also the best returns on their investments. We will be using a small percentage of the liquidity pool to create crypto cards for holders to use their rewards with minimum interest rates & transaction fees.

The Buy & Sell transaction will automatically transfer 5% of your investment into the liquidity pool in order to develop a solid price floor. There it will add a significant increase to the value of your Mega Bitcoin.

50% of $BTC rewards from bitcoin miners are deposited into the liquidity pool (buyback $ MBC tokens) and 50% $BTC to reward holders. Therefore, we need 1,000,000,000 tokens and have no token burning to return it to investors. We will then use a small percentage of the 10% liquidity pool for personal crypto loans and upload the remaining amount to crypto credit cards. All interest from the personal loans and crypto-credit transactions will be added to the pool for stability and more value. We will publish all invoices 100% transparently.

Binance Smart Chain contract address:

14% fees of each buy and sell transaction

The $MBC Token has 14% buy and 14% sell fees on every transaction.
A PancakeSwap fee of 3% is added to 14%. So you have to pay 17% ond every buy and sell transaction, if you buy/sell new tokens on PancakeSwap.


There is also a transfer fee of 14% from one wallet to another.

5.5% of each buy / sell transaction as rewards in $BTCB

5.5% of each buy transaction (of 14%) for rewards.
5.5% of each sell transaction (of 14%) for rewards.
= 11% overall token rewards as reflections in $BTCB to the token holder.

5% of each buy/sell transaction for the liquidity to buy back $MBC tokens

5% of each buy transaction (of 14%) for liquidity.
5% of each sell transaction (of 14%) for liquidity.
= 10% overall token reflections for the liquidity.
90% of that liquidity will be used for buying back tokens. These liquidity token buys will give $MBC token holder extra rewards through buy transactions.
10% of the liquidity will be used for buying new Bitcoin-miner.

3.5% of each buy/sell transactions for Marketing

3.5% of each buy transaction (of 14%) for the marketing wallet.
3.5% of each sell transaction (of 14%) for the marketing wallet.
= 7% overall token rewards as reflections for the marketing wallet.

50% of Bitcoin-Mining rewards for token holders (in development)

50% of the Bitcoin-Mining rewards are for the token holders. If you hold more $MBC you’re getting higher Bitcoin-Mining rewards if the payout happends. This will be automatic in the future. The other 50% of the company liquidity will be used to buyback $MBC tokens.


Buy $MBC on these exchanges!

Always double check the contract address with CoinMarketCap listing! The images are clickable as a hyperlink to the exchanges.

Source: CurrencyRate

The Roadmap to success

Our team has every investment as top priority for growth and stability. We have created a massive reward system for our holders to love and enjoy the power of extended income for holding $MBC.

Phase 1. of $MBC

  • Development of MegaBitcoin
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • 11% BTC Rewards & Auto Liqudity pool
  • Launch Website
  • Develop community – Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok
  • Create Pre-sale on PinkSale Finance
  • Lock 90% Liquidity for 6 Months
  • Audit & KYC badge
  • Poocoin advertising & Increased Marketing
  • Public Launch on Pancake Swap V2
  • Listing on Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap

Phase 2. of $MBC

  • 100,000 holders
  • Bitcoin Miners to increase rewards for holders of MBC
  • Creation of Bitcoin Credit Cards ( lower transaction rates for holders of mbc )
  • BTC Drop Every Month to one Random Selected Holder of MBC
  • Expansion of Development Team
  • Website Redesign
  • Network Marketing Program

Phase 3. of $MBC

  • 500,000 holders
  • Introducing Personal Crypto Loans. Terms and Regulations Apply
  • Increased liquidity limits on Bitcoin Credit Cards
  • ​24-hour live chat for experienced and beginner level investors of cryptocurrency
  • Listings on major exchanges
  • ​Live Monthly Raffles for Holders of MBC

Frequently asked questions

We are open to marketing ideas. Please join the Telegram channel and write @GarrettJ a private message!

How do I get rewards ?

You just need to add this $BTCB adress into your MetaMask or other wallet.





Why haven't I recieved my rewards to my wallet?

Normally you will receive payouts every 2-4 hours. But at the moment, due to lower volume, payouts might take longer (1-2 days). Don’t worry, you can check the amount of the next payout 24 hours a day on Bscscan.com.  Another tactic is to buy new tokens for $1 to trigger the payout.

  • Go to BscScan.com and paste your wallet adress.
  • Select MegaBitcoin on the pulldown
  • Select contract and then read contract
  • Go to Nr. 31 withdrawableDividendOf and paste your wallet adress
  • Click the number and then you see a row with BNB (Because of Binance Smart Chain). Take that number and search on google for BNB price calculator.

I can't join the telegram channel or can't write!

You have to click on the button after joining the telegram channel. There is a button with Press to Join the MegaBitcoin Community. This is a bot protection!

If you got kicked, try it again after some time, we will delete these blocked accounts. You can click on every “Press to Join the MegaBitcoin Community” if you don’t have writing rights to unlock them.

When does Bitcoin mining start ?

At the moment, we are in discussion with Samanova.energy and will you updating soon.

Who can I contact about marketing ?

We are open to marketing ideas. Please join the Telegram channel and write @GarretJ a private message!





Don’t send us fake Youtube channels with fake subscription profiles, fake comments or other fake stuff!

Why are tokens only locked for 6 months ?

At the moment the tokens are locked for 6 months, but after that we will relock them again.

Is there a token burn ?

No, we don’t have a token burn because we need these amount of tokens for the Bitcoin-mining rewards.

Credit card Information

If you’re not a holder of MegaBitcoin then you may still apply for your card, but the interest rates & fees will be much higher.


You will be able to confirm your balance, upload & increase liquidity limits on the Mega Bitcoin website.


We also are going to be using a small percentage of the liquidity pool for personal cryptocurrency loans. You will need to fill out a loan application on the website to be approved.


Depending on the amount you requested and the crypto rating you have with our project is how the rates and fees will be determined & applied to the contract submitted.


Reviews from CoinMarketCap

The $MBC Community will rule the world of crypto in the next years. Here are some comments from CoinMarketCap.


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