Introducing Mega Bitcoin

March 24, 2022

Allow us to Introduce Mega Bitcoin

Bitcoin was created in 2008, launched in 2009 and currently in 2022 as of today is trading at the $43,000. It has seen an all-time high of $69,138.00 in 2021. Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that operates independently of a central bank. A popular feature among Bitcoin enthusiasts is the ability to send it from anywhere in the world and it will arrive within minutes if not seconds. This is due to decentralization which means there are not as many regulations as with centralized financial institutions. Bitcoin is borderless and reaches all corners of the world. This is why so many new cryptocurrencies are created every day. That is why The Core Four came together and created Mega Bitcoin.

Mega Bitcoin is a token that brings passive income to its holders though rewards paid in BTCB. That’s right, just for purchasing and holding Mega Bitcoin, investors will receive 5.5% of every buy and sell transaction (that’s a total of 11%) sent right back to your crypto wallet. Well, you may say, how does that work? Let’s break it down. When you purchase Mega Bitcoin, you pay a tax. The total tax charged by the developer is 14% (you may pay an additional tax through the exchange you buy, typically 3%) 3.5% of that goes to a marketing wallet to pay for advertising and marketing, 5% will go to the liquidity pool and 5.5% goes to a rewards wallet to be paid to the holders. For example, an investor decides to buy $1000.00USD of MBC (Mega Bitcoin) $1000X14%=$140.00. Now, from that $140.00, the marketing wallet will receive $35.00, the liquidity pool will receive $50.00, and the rewards wallet will receive $55.00. The investor rewards are earned based on the percentage of tokens they hold. If they are holding .1 percent of the total supply of coins you will have earned $0.05 BTCB rewards. That’s just one transaction. Now let’s do the same math on a larger scale: when the daily volume is $1,000,000 that equals $140,000 of “taxes” paid. The marketing wallet gets $35,000, the liquidity pool gets $50,000 and the rewards wallet will receive $55,000. At the same .1 percentage you will have earned 55.00 BTCB PER DAY! On a monthly basis that gives you $1,540 of passive income just for holding Mega Bitcoin!

The developers of Mega Bitcoin did not stop there. They wanted even more for their investors. They have plans to develop a Bitcoin mining farm. Located in Manitoba, Canada they have usage of 100 acres of land that is already approved for Bitcoin mining construction. Development plans and equipment purchasing are still in the early phases however, with new Bitcoin mining technologies and Bitcoin remaining the most stable cryptocurrency in the world the team is happy to take their time in the development of this utility of the token.

“With Bitcoin mining the potential is endless”, says company COO Cameron Sass. He along with CEO Hugh Jarvis, Director of Marketing Garret Hrabchak, and Director of Content Trenton Hughs are looking at unlimited opportunities to develop Mega Bitcoin into a Mega Financial Ecosystem. With additional mining opportunities like Helium (HNT) they are exploring a token that Rewards in MBC, and as part of the ecosystem that means more BTCB rewards. Trenton has been leading the research phase of bringing NFT’s to the ecosystem as Hugh focuses on the development of Mega Bitcoin Crypto Credit Cards and even crypto personal and business loans and Bitcoin ATM’s.

Thanks to Mega Bitcoin’s extensive liquidity system, MBC token holders will be able to enjoy extra income just for holding. The transactions are safe as they have chosen two very reputable exchanges to list with. It is issued through blockchain technology, and all transactions can be tracked through BSC scan. The team stays active in communicating with their investors though the official Mega Bitcoin Telegram Channel and they host AMA’s frequently. They have increased their presence on social media through Twitter @MegaBitcoinBTC, Facebook and YouTube. Cameron has plans to keep the community up to date on all progress and news through monthly podcasts that will be posted on the YouTube account for Mega Bitcoin. “New tokens are community driven, and we must not only rely on the community but let the community know they can rely on us.” Cameron states. He is very dedicated to remaining transparent, driven and results orientated. He goes on to explain, “It is not only my dream, but my passion to make a passive income token that all investors can benefit from, not just experienced or advanced traders.”

Mega Bitcoin can be purchased through Pancakeswap (CAKE) and Poocoin exchanges. They are currently listed on Coinmarket Cap (CMC) and They are working everyday to bring their token to new exchanges and price tracking websites. Their excitement, motivation and determination to bring passive income to anyone who desires is evident, not just in their tone of voice but in their passion for the future of Mega Bitcoin. There is a saying “It always seems impossible, until it is done.” This team believes nothing is impossible for the future of Mega Bitcoin.

The Core Four are envisioning a MEGA future for the Mega Bitcoin Ecosystem. The future is now, and you are invited.



Disclaimer: This content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances.